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Vinyl Strip Off Old Wax And Re-Wax

To remove wax from any type of floor is a process that takes time and a very hard task due to the chemicals that are used to remove it. The chemicals are strong so it can help the surface release the old and dirty wax.

With time, the wax absorbs the dirt and it get scratches. On heavy trafficked areas, it either comes off or it just gets darker and collects lots of dirt.

To remove wax we use the 20” buffer with a heavy plate and a stripping pad. The pad will scrubb the floors and collect all the old wax off the floor.

Once all cleaned and rinsed off, we can apply the coats of new wax. We use commercial and we apply between 4-6 coats of wax to get a super high gloss and make it strong and durable for a longer clean and shiny life on the floors.

Our Services will bring your  Dream Home Back to Life.

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