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Our Services

 Natural Stone Floor Restoration Experts with more than 20 + years experience


Our cleaning removes deep dirt and stains, it will cleans and protects at the same time, and will restore  your stone to it's natural look. We ONLY use high quality cleaners formulated for natural stone.


Creates a brilliant shine and luster to your floors, fireplace, tables, countertops, bathrooms and kitchens.

Water based sealer penetrates & protects, is safe for pets and has no odor. It preserves the natural look of your stone.


We can restore you old dirt grout lines to new, and remove any old or non desirable coatings. We carry out the repair if it lacks grout or crack on stone or tile.


Deep cleaning with our high quality products, we use the best brands. We will recolor your grouts and we will apply a high quality sealer d to protect the grout from dirt & stains. Tile & grout will look like new!


We can replace your grout color by staining with a colorful sealer that will match your floor perfectly.

Types of Stone 

Stone flooring can come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Our Services will bring your  Dream Home Back to Life.

Tell us about your project today.

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