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Counter Tops

Granite has steadily become the surface of choice for stone counters. Granite is easy to clean, does not etch with acids, and if sealed properly will not stain. But there are times when when your granite surfaces need attention. 


Over time a heavily used granite counter space can become dulled by the constant abrasion of porcelain dishes, metal hardware,and other implements. When this happens the surface needs to be polished. This is done using specialized tooling and polishes. Once the surface is brought back to a polish it is detailed and sealed. Your newly polished granite will last for years.

The most commonly asked question about granite is, “How often do I have to seal my granite?”


Upon evaluation we can provide easy answers to all of your granite related questions. Because each granite is different and every application is different the rule of thumb has been one time per year with a high quality penetrating sealer.


 However, many dark granite counters will require less attention than light colors or those approaching white. If you have concerns regarding your granite, please call us or go to contact form so we can call you and set up a personalized appointment.


Services that we provide for Granite include:

  • Stain Protection

  • Stain Removal 

  • Detail Clean & Seal

  • Polishing

  • Scratch Removal

  • Repairs

Our Services will bring your  Dream Home Back to Life.

Tell us about your project today.

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