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Tile And Grout Clean And Seal

When we clean tile and grout, we are very cautious. One major precaution we take is to not use too much hot water. The reason for this is because tile has sanded grout lines and when they are soaked in hot water, it leaves the grout sensitive for a long period of time and it can cause cracks or eventually break.
When cleaning tile and grout, we use a 20” buffer with a 20” scrubbing brush.

The machine weights 50 pounds which makes it push down to do a deeper scrub. We also scrub each individual grout line by hand with a soft scrubbing brush.

We use stone and tile cleaners that contain an acid base ingredient to help the grout release the dirt that is in the grout line and small pits in the tile.
Once it is all cleaned, we then go ahead and seal the grout lines by hand to make sure every line gets sealed with a penetrating water based sealer.


Cleaning and coloring of grout is done because the grout lines are too damaged due to not being properly sealed and/or maintained sealed. We can color the grout simply to change the look of any room or any area in the home.

First we clean the tile and grout with acid based tile cleaners to ensure the grout paint will penetrate into the grout, the acid will make the sanded grout become soft and when we paint each grout line the grout will absorb the paint and will combine with the grout to become one. This combination avoids for the paint to peel off.

The paint we use is an acrylic epoxy base paint, specifically made for grout. If any dark liquids were to come in contact with the grout, it is easily wiped off with water or a damped cloth.
We carry over 100+ colors to choose from. We use top of the line brands, the best on the market!

We work with high quality products that's why we are the best in Las Vegas, NV.

Our Services will bring your  Dream Home Back to Life.

Tell us about your project today.

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