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Natural Stone Clean, Polish And Seal

On natural stone, we use heavy alkaline cleaners strictly made for natural stone. It helps release any dirt or oils that are in the stone. We also use a 20” soft brush to scrub all the pores and grout lines.

Once the cleaning is done, we use a 20” buffer with different types of pads, depending on the type of natural stone, to achieve a fantastic shine or a honed look.

This gives us a natural shine with no coating or sealers used. Once the floor is at its best condition we can bring it too, we may apply sealer.

We use a penetrating sealer which will help the stone keep its shine for a longer period of time. The sealer acts as a shield if anything were to spill, it’ll protect the stone and grout and prevent absorbtion. It also makes it easy to maintain clean.

We work with high quality products that's why we are the best in Las Vegas, NV.

Our Services will bring your  Dream Home Back to Life.

Tell us about your project today.

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