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Why is it recommended that marble be sealed?

Stone is naturally porous, which means it can absorb spilled liquids. Depending on the liquid one could then see discoloration or staining. Removing material from a stone pore, is like trying to clean a test tube with a sponge, possible but not easy. Yet, we want to be able to clean the surface, without the stone absorbing the cleaner which can result in darkening. By sealing the surface liquids are kept on the surface, making cleaning possible without wetting or darkening the stone, or transferring dirt from surface into the stone.

If it important to realize that sealing provides you the time needed to clean-up a spill, it does not mean that given enough time a spill cannot find its way through the seal.

If is also important to realize that staining provides no protection against acid attack or etching.

When a penetrating seal is applied, the surface is soaked, allowed to rest for a few minutes and then the excess is removed from the surface leaving only the seal in the pores where we need it. As such, it does NOT cover the marble.

Topical sealers are available that will halt etching but are generally not employed as they can alter the natural beauty and appearance of your elegant stone.

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