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Why has my marble lost its shine?

There are generally 2 reasons why marble may lose its luster.

  1. Wear & Tear

  2. Acid attack

Wear & Tear

Foot and Paw traffic creates wear. The dustier or sandier the floor the greater the wear. The more feet traverse the area the greater the wear. Even the type of shoe can have an impact with high heel shoes doing greater damage the flat soled sneakers. Keep the floor as free of dust will help, as will an appropriate entrance mat (a spaghetti mat is your best friend here).

Acid Attack

Marble can be dissolved by acid. A small amount will create a local pit that disrupts the stone’s ability to reflect light – its shine. Acid can be introduced through cleaners (lemon-fresh, orange scented, vinegar infused or vinegar), foods & fruits (lemon, lime, tomatoes, acid rain, or pet fluids. Anything with acid will dissolve or mar the marble, travertine, concrete or terrazzo stone surfaces.

Cleaning with an inappropriate cleaner is the second most frequent cause after normal foot traffic.

Call us today so we can help you out with your marble cleaning needs !!

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