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The Benefits of Paver Sealing

Sealing your pavers will keep them looking their best, make it easier for you to keep the weeds out and the sand in the joint. During our restoration process, we install a sand back in to the joint that we mix with polymers. When set, the joint will be very hard. This allows you to more easily and frequently clean your pavers which is crucial to keep weeds away. This will also keep the sand in the joint and not on top of the paver, which can get caught in shoes and brought into the house. In addition to the maintenance benefits from the stabilized sand, the sealer will also help protect your pavers from stains.

We offer a couple different levels of paver maintenance that include paver sealing. Choose which program below is best for you and schedule the service. We’ll email you shortly after to confirm your scheduled service and let you know when a technician will be out to begin. The technician will review your project with you prior to starting to make sure you’ve picked the right service and to finalize the estimate.

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