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Terrazzo Floor Polishing

Terrazzo like any other flooring, terrazzo floors changed appearance, faded, over the years, cracks and chips appear, and metal seams could be damaged and loosened.

Our company offers you a range of services for grinding and polishing terrazzo floors. Thanks to the latest technologies and high-quality equipment, we renew the floor to its original look.

Terrazzo Floor Polishing Las Vegas

Restoration of terrazzo floors includes several steps:

1st. step is usually to repair of the floor, namely the repair of cracks, chips, replacement of joints, leveling and cleaning polishing of the floor.

2nd. step is polishing the floor with abrasive disks of different roughness, thanks to this kind of grinding; the flooring will become smooth. After grinding, all the defects that were present on the flooring will disappear and make it look more smooth.

3rd. step is the polishing of the terrazzo floor, with a special machine with diamond discs.

4th. step is crystallization of the terrazzo floor, for this purpose we use special professional liquids, due to which the floor surface ceases to be porous, which increases the service life of the flooring 10 times, and prevents penetration into seams of any kind of moisture and other liquid substances.

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