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5 Types of Natural Stone for Dramatic Design

There are few materials that can be used as widely throughout the house as natural stone. From kitchen counters and backsplashes to bathroom tiles and outdoor terraces, the application extends to virtually every room. With so many different types to choose from, however, it can be a daunting task to find just the right one to introduce to your living space. If you’re looking to add some visual drama to your home, here are a few eye-catching natural stones that will make for an unforgettable living space. Amazonite Extra Granite With shades of teal and gray infused with white crystals, Amazonite Extra is an easy way to make a design statement in any room. When used in large slabs, this granite showcases breathtaking colors and patterns that instantly catch the eye. Pink Onyx “Millennial pink” has been one of the hottest shades in interior design in recent years and if you want to capture that color in natural stone, then this is the one for you. Swirls of pink and white make this a mesmerizing surface that feels simultaneously relaxing and energizing. Nero Antico Marble When you think of marble, chances are you’re envisioning that classic look of white stone with a few light grey veins. If you want a more dramatic style, however, the high contrast of black and white Nero Antico marble will give your home a sleek and modern feel. Fusion Wow Quartzite With a name like Fusion Wow, one would expect this quartzite to really pop and it certainly does just that. A range of colors including shades of gold, orange and peach are often found in slabs and make it one of the most visually unique stones that you’ll come across. Earth Glitter Granite Primarily black with shimmering swirls of gray, pink and orange, Earth Glitter granite can bring a room to life with its stunning appearance. From bathroom vanities to dressing room islands, it lends a luxurious look with a splash of color.

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