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4 Tile Ideas for a Luxurious Bathroom Remodel

Everyone knows that updated bathrooms are key to fetching top dollar for your home. Even if you don’t plan on listing your house in the near future, it may be time to make some upgrades. If your bathrooms are feeling a little dated or worse for wear, here are several tile ideas to give them an elevated look.

Herringbone Marble Tile For elegant bathroom floors, you can’t beat the combination of luxurious marble tiles arranged in a classic herringbone pattern. If you’re not the type who buys into trends, you can rest assured that this timeless design will look just as stylish twenty years from now as it does today.

Patterned Encaustic Tile Encaustic tiles have become increasingly popular in recent years and are an ideal choice for those who love vibrant patterns. Made from cement, the designs are inlaid into the tile and will last much longer than if they were painted on top. This trendy technique comes in a variety of styles, from geometric to exotic patterns, and can completely transform the feel of your bathroom.

Glass Mosaic Tile If you want to make a splash in your bathroom, glass mosaic tiles are worth considering. They come in a stunning array of shimmering colors and are surprisingly durable. The best part is they can be a very eco-friendly option if you choose to go with recycled glass. These small, shiny tiles are usually either translucent or opaque, but no matter which one you opt for, you’re guaranteed to have a breathtaking bathroom.

Matte Black Subway Tile If you’re going for a modern or minimalist style, then try using matte black subway tiles for a sleek design. You can get this low-luster look using stone, ceramic or even porcelain tiles. If you’re worried about it feeling too dark or cold, you can easily warm it up by introducing wood finishes and a few plants to bring your bathroom to life.

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