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3 Pieces in Your Home You Never Knew You Could Paint

Creating the right look in your home can bring a huge sense of accomplishment, but we all know that home decor can get pricey quickly. Thankfully, a little paint and some creativity can be just the thing you need. Grab a paintbrush and get to work on these pieces in your home you never knew you could paint.

Old Appliances

Stainless steel paint can give even dated appliances a huge refresh for a small investment. If your fridge is in great working condition, but its aesthetic is stuck in a bygone age, a little elbow grease and a paintbrush may be just what you need to get your kitchen looking fresh and modern.


If your kitchen needs an update, but you’re not ready to invest in a renovation, you will be astounded at the transformation that can come from painting dated laminate countertops. Find a tutorial online and gather your supplies, or opt for the easier route by purchasing a countertop refinishing kit. Kits come with the primer, paint and the tools necessary for the look, as well as polyurethane to cover and protect your hard work against wear and tear. Use a sponge and various shades of paint to create a granite look, or create swirls of white and gray shades to mimic marble.


Lend your hardwood some extra sophistication by using a black or navy paint to add a border on the perimeter of your floor. For a modern farmhouse feel, opt instead for a cream or white. Want to refresh an outdoor area rug? Simply paint it! A new design will lend a pop of color to your outdoor seating, and since outdoor area rugs are rarely known for their soft texture, there’s no reason to be concerned about the mildly rough feel of the dried paint.

You know how much of an impact a simple coat of paint can have on your walls, and now it’s time to apply the same concept to unexpected pieces and witness a transformation in your home.

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