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Why Sealing Granite and Marble Countertops is super important.

If you have been doing your research in using marble as your kitchen countertop, as tiles for your floor. You must have probably noticed that the word sealing comes up each time. That is so because marble being a porous stone requires some degree of protection from dirt, as it will be a total waste to have the beauty of such as stone tampered with because of a wine or oil stain.

Whit that being said, what is the process of sealing?

It is super simple, the application of surface treatment on porous stones (not only marble) to retard corrosion and staining and we work with the best products in the market,. This is a process that we recomend to do at least once a year to prevent non desirable stains.

The sealing of marble, always bring us few questions come up and we are going to provide ALL the answers in our FREE consultation, that will make you able of taking good care of your marble countertop and maintain its natural elegance and beauty for as long as possible, remember we are here to help.

We also can help you repair those chipped countertops.

Give us a call !

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