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4 Great Surfaces for Outdoor Kitchen Counters

Having an outdoor area where the whole family can get together to grill, entertain and simply enjoy each other’s company is one of the best features you can have in a luxury home. If you’re considering designing one in your backyard, you’ll want to be sure to use materials that can withstand the elements. Following are several stunning surfaces to use for outdoor kitchen countertops.

Solaris from Caesarstone Caesarstone’s quartz counters have become a popular choice in the kitchen, as they combine a sleek look with functionality, like heat resistance and extreme durability. Any fans of this high-end brand will be pleased to learn that they also have an outdoor collection, called Solaris. Available in a variety of styles, the surface can handle snow, rain, sunshine and all the spills you throw its way.

Dekton from Cosentino Another strikingly beautiful surface that’s designed to endure a harsh environment, Dekton from Cosentino is an ideal choice for outdoor applications. It comes in a wide range of finishes that resemble everything from natural stone to concrete and even wood, but the best part is that it’s nearly indestructible. Dekton is fireproof, resistant to freezing and thawing and highly UV resistant.

Natural Stone If you choose to go a more traditional route, there are plenty of natural stone options that can be great for outdoor kitchens. Non-porous stones are typically your best bet, like granite, quartzite or soapstone, because these won’t absorb moisture and are therefore less likely to be damaged by freezing and thawing. If you have your heart set on marble, which is a porous stone, it will likely require a few extra steps to properly take care of it and may etch over time.

Concrete For those who love the modern look of concrete countertops, you’ll be happy to hear that this surface is a durable and stylish option that can stand up to the elements. As long as it’s installed correctly, you won’t have to worry about cracking, though the color can fade over time if it’s in the sun, so it’s best when located in a shady area.

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